09 May 2012

Pediform Pedantry

If you make a fool of yourself but no one is around to see, does it really count? So, I'll tell you about it.

Today, I left the house without wearing socks for probably the first time since I left the neonatal unit. I bought sandals the other day, and it feels like a great adventure. They're actually quite modestly covered so you don't have to see my feet, but still provide all the fresh air and comfort that a sockless shoe promises.

As I've been lax in exercising, I also brought gym clothes with me today, fresh from the laundry. You may see where this is going.

It occurred to me just now that to don my gym shoes without any socks would be uncomfortable at best, and at worst a leading cause of plantar fasciitis. Luckily, I thought of this before I made it to the locker room only to stare in dismay at my unshod feet.

So there you have it: life is never dull if you set the bar low enough. And can laugh at yourself. Tonight will finally be nice enough out to take my new shoes for a spin around the neighbourhood.

Neighbor. Neighboor. Loud neighbors are neigh-boors. I won't Google that to find out I wasn't the first-- you shall not dull my triumph!

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