03 May 2012

Don't Be Scared, I've Done This Before

They're installing potted plants in the building now. About damn time. The yet-empty pots filled with freshly turned soil fill the building with the aroma of earth. Remarkably refreshing, it is. I look forward to planting time, getting my hands dirty. It's tempting to imagine that my bare skin grants something of me to the soil, to the roots. Maybe we all just want to be God.

The last month went by quickly. Didn't make the gym much lately. Was sick, and spiraled out of control a little bit. Trying to drag myself there this afternoon, through the haze of lethargy and not enough sleep. Then we'll find out if my ID card will still work to get me in there, heh.

The other morning I heard "American Woman" playing on the radio. In abstract I had always agreed with it, so it's odd to find myself in a concrete position and thinking that maybe he was being a little premature and prejudiced.


  1. Going to partake in the garden outside the RIC and Library this Summer? Planting starts soon.
    garden@rpirg.org for info.