19 November 2010

15 November 2010

Australia: Police State

Creating a film that the Australian government deems offensive does not just prevent you from legally distributing it, it also causes the police to raid your home in order to destroy it. If only Orwell had known that Big Brother was from Down Under...

18 August 2010

So Very True

Sometimes, Randall Munroe of xkcd thinks like I do.

10 July 2010

11 June 2010

Gay Animals

An all-male pair of penguins has successfully tended an egg left unwanted by the birth parents. I'll forego the typical proseltyzing one way or the other and just present you with the neat link.

30 April 2010

Penny Arcade Discusses Drugs

Click to see this very special episode about mental health and drugs, prescription and otherwise.

Earth Hour: Retrospective

I recycle bottles and cans. Religiously. I separate plastic from aluminum from cardboard from glass. I remove the caps so the workers at the recycling depot don't have to.
I also recycle paper. With zeal. No scrap of paper is too small to escape the little blue bin, rather than that big black one.
I compost, weather permitting. Fruit and vegetable scraps go in the compost heap, which has managed to stay roughly the same size over the years through my efforts.
I do what I can in the dark. TV by candlelight is a nightly occurrence in my house. I shower in the dark, I do whatever I need to at night with the minimum of light required.
I also tend to carpool when possible, such as two people are a pool.

But now there's a better way to conserve resources: shut off your lights for an hour at the same time as everyone else in the country, 90% of whom do less than I do to reduce consumption on a personal, regular basis. So, nuts to all of you; I'm taking advantage of a slackened power demand to make sure all my batteries are charged and USB devices are operating. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some printing to do.

(Note: in the spirit of recycling, this was originally written in March of 2009).

28 April 2010

Down, System!

Question: do we take resources away from the school that's specifically for special needs to provide parallel support at the mainstream public school? This parent seems to think we should.

Also, self-congratulations are in order for learning how to post a link, just like a real Boy!

23 April 2010

Chronicles Of My Ingenuity!

This morning, I thought of the term "sister from a different hyster" as a female adjunct to "brother from a different mother." I was quite proud of myself, but expected it to have been done many times before. Lo and be damned, a Google search for the phrase yielded no exact results! So I figured I'd better get my electronic paw-prints on that phrase in case it catches on. Don't forget to link back when you use it!