06 February 2012


For a while now, I've entertained grand designs of posting some huge collection of song lyrics to describe my feelings. Then, I realized what an eloquently stupid idea that is. First off, my moods are inconstant. To encompass the wide variety of feelings I actually have would require an inordinate expanse of songs that would end up having precious little to do with each other. Second, it insults whatever creative integrity I may (someday) have to just spout the works of others at you like a grade nine Livejournal account. Third, if you gave a shit what I was feeling like you'd fucking ask me, wouldn't you? Some people do sometimes. Those are the best kind of people.

The More You Know: surround yourself with awesome people that give you no reason to doubt yourself. If people you know can only complain about you without wanting to build you up, then YOUR wellbeing is likely not their motivation. If you change, change for you first. If someone wants you to change, only do it if the benefit to yourself is at least as much as it is to them.

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