30 April 2010

Earth Hour: Retrospective

I recycle bottles and cans. Religiously. I separate plastic from aluminum from cardboard from glass. I remove the caps so the workers at the recycling depot don't have to.
I also recycle paper. With zeal. No scrap of paper is too small to escape the little blue bin, rather than that big black one.
I compost, weather permitting. Fruit and vegetable scraps go in the compost heap, which has managed to stay roughly the same size over the years through my efforts.
I do what I can in the dark. TV by candlelight is a nightly occurrence in my house. I shower in the dark, I do whatever I need to at night with the minimum of light required.
I also tend to carpool when possible, such as two people are a pool.

But now there's a better way to conserve resources: shut off your lights for an hour at the same time as everyone else in the country, 90% of whom do less than I do to reduce consumption on a personal, regular basis. So, nuts to all of you; I'm taking advantage of a slackened power demand to make sure all my batteries are charged and USB devices are operating. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some printing to do.

(Note: in the spirit of recycling, this was originally written in March of 2009).

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